Our Testimonials

This is my first opportunity to utilize a virtual assistant and it has been a tremendous help to me. From all of my personal tasks to work related issues, my virtual assistant has been able to assist me in completing numerous tasks that I would not be able to complete.

Dr. McArthur Drake Jr.
MD, MS, Neuroradiologist, Miami Florida

Our experience with Accolade has been very positive overall, we have a really strong team member that has been with us for over a year and she continues to provide outstanding customer service. The team at Accolade has been very friendly and helpful in my experience. I don’t really have anything that could be done better/different at this time, I would just say that in the event we need to hire again we would want to want find representatives that have a similar profile to our current contractor as she’s been a outstanding.

Brandon Mintz
Bitcoin Depot