Welcome to Accolade Consultants, the future of the healthcare industry. Founded by a Medical Doctor and internationally licensed healthcare practitioners, Accolade Consultants is a full-service international healthcare-focused consulting firm. Founded by physicians with physicians in mind, our firm offers customized technological and staffing solutions designed to increase revenue and improve the quality of their lives.

Between our service offering, our use of the most modern HIPAA-compliant technologies, and our highly-trained back office support Accolade Consultants will help you generate revenue so that you can focus on what you are trained to do which is to provide quality healthcare to your patients without sacrificing your own hapiness.


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We are your professional virtual medical assistants headquartered in Douglasville, Georgia. We are your trusted source for professional services that will dramatically improve your practice’s growth through cost savings while maintaining quality at the highest standards. We understand that physicians must also evolve to maintain and provide not only the best healthcare possible but at an operational cost that is not prohibitive. At Accolade Consultants we understand what every medical professional needs: an opportunity to practice medicine and provide healthcare without having to sacrifice the quality of non-clinical procedures and focus on patient-care. We offer our clients professionalized and customized solutions to assist physicians trying to maintain their clinical practices and business in general.

Designed by medical practitioners with physicians in mind, we at Accolade Consultants aim to provide medical professionals the virtual staffing solutions they need. We offer professional Physician Executive Partner services that will help physicians maintain a financially viable practice. Our Physician Executive Assistants are trained to provide the most dedicated support physicians’ need that will revamp their private practice. The Physician Executive Partners at Accolade Consultants are licensed nurses or physician partners that can handle clerical and administrative duties, scribe, research, schedules, finances and more. We are also your trusted source for Elite Medical Scribes trained with HIPAA-compliant technologies. We understand that a physician’s main focus is to provide care for patients rather than non-clinical or administrative tasks. Accolade Consultants’ Elite Medical Scribes can handle administrative tasks and have an extensive understanding of the medical profession. Our scribes are proficient in handling clinical documents to help physicians focus more on patient care. Accolade Consultants also offers Expert Witnessing Assistant services. We take pride in having Expert Witnessing Assistants capable of providing physicians the support they need in order to expand their business. Our Expert Witnessing Assistants can market a physician’s practice, organize files and summarize medical records, and even act as a customer service agent. Our Witnessing Assistants can assist in building a successful expert witnessing practice.

In addition to organizing your medical practice, Accolade Consultants will help you efficiently perform your duties as a physician by providing you with virtual staffing solutions that help you remodel your practice into a profitable and recognized leader in your field. If you are considering transitioning your practice model, making it more profitable, or switching to a completely different field then either give us a call or visit us in Douglasville, Georgia. Experience the Accolade advantage.

Our Services

At Accolade we have assembled physician consultants with years of practice management experience in hospital and ambulatory settings.

Accolade Consultants provides virtual assistants who are dedicated to providing your business with significant support. Licensed and highly trained to meet your business needs.

Our general Virtual Medical Assistants are our signature offering. They offer the most cost-effective and skilled clinical, clerical & personal support for you & your office.

We only utilize licensed nurses who are trained to interact with your specific electronic health record to provide a highly effective and virtual frontline elbow-­to-­elbow (monitor-­to-monitor) assistant during direct patient care.

Our business is dependent on technology and HIPAA compliance is a core competency of our management team. Ensuring that our workflows are HIPAA-compliant informs our every decision, and our clients directly benefit from the emphasis that we place on security.

One of the most important and disruptive changes in medical practices today are the new electronic health care documentation requirements. The technology that we have incorporated into our business model allows our clients to utilize our virtual staff to complete these requirements in the most efficient and virtual manner available.


  • This is my first opportunity to utilize a virtual assistant and it has been a tremendous help to me. From all of my personal tasks to work related issues, my virtual assistant has been able to assist me in completing numerous tasks that I would not be able to complete. This has provided me an opportunity to become far more productive and far more relaxed. I have more personal time and time to think about what my next steps are professionally. I began working with my virtual assistant in September 2015 and would highly recommend hiring a virtual assistant from Accolade Consultants.

    Dr. McArthur Drake Jr. MD, MS, Neuroradiologist, Miami Florida
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