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We at Accolade Consultants recognize the enormous responsibilities of a physician when it comes to taking care of their patients. They spent years and years in medical school to be of service to those who need it. Created by doctors for doctors, Accolade Consultants is home to elite medical scribe services. If you are contemplating on hiring a physician scribe for your practice but you are concerned about space in your clinic and cost-effectivity, let us help you. Accolade Consultants offer medical scribe services and are one of the best providers of virtual medical staff in Douglasville, Georgia.Our medical scribes are trained beyond requirements. We know that as a physician there is more to do than writing prescriptions, keeping records, and other non-clinical documentation tasks. You want to focus more on your patients and provide them the best healthcare. This is why our medical scribes are trained to know and understand all the tasks expected of them. Using advanced technology combined with our understanding of the medical profession, we offer scribes to all medical practitioners in different parts of the country and not just in Douglasville, Georgia. We are also proud to say that our scribe services our uses HIPAA-compliant technology.

Focusing on direct patient care can be difficult for physicians, especially with all the distractions that can occur anytime. The difficulty in handling tasks becomes more evident with the latest documentation requirements set by HIPAA and other related legislations. This is where our scribing services can be of great help. With the strict laws set by the HIPAA, medical documentation has increasingly become more complicated. With Accolade’s expert emergency medical scribe, there is no need for physicians to worry about non-clinical tasks and focus more on their patients.

Accolade Consultants has a team of professional Virtual Scribes who work to make your non-critical clinic tasks easier. Our professionals will assist you in generating clinical documents in real-time using the latest technologies.

Writing a Prescription for Your Clinic’s Improved Operations

Our scribing services allow clinicians to focus on delivering care by taking over some of the non-critical administrative activities. With our certified and experienced Virtual Scribes, you no longer have to spend precious hours doing paperwork and repetitive systematic tasks.
We will gladly take over documentation, writing, and other related tasks so that you can concentrate on providing more focused care for patients. Our scribes are registered medical professionals, which means you do not have to worry about non-medical professionals not understanding how your practice and industry works.

At Accolade Consultants, we will not just pick out someone from our staff to work for you. We will get to know you and understand your needs and goals and match you with a virtual scribe. Trained beyond requirements, our scribes are always updated. You don’t have to pay for their training or seminars because at Accolade Consultants, our virtual scribes go through frequent development to keep them on top of the game.

They are trained to meet your needs, especially in improving your clinic’s administrative processes. We pair our professionals with you in real time via our secure web-enabled platform, so you can delegate tasks or ask for updates as soon as you need it. Our cost-efficient scribes and other assistants enable you to see more patients throughout the day and provide more focused care to each patient.

We make it a point to provide services that are great investments to your practice. Being a cost-effective solution, our work takes the load off your back, so you can see more patients and provide better care. In turn, this increases your bottom line and improves patient satisfaction rates.

Some of the work we handle include:

  • Ensuring all test results are collected and charted properly for your review
  • Reviewing medical and social history, reconciling medications, confirming patient allergies and other related information
  • Recording of data in EMR or EHR in real time
  • Preparing, sending, and/or printing of prescriptions, orders, and instructions for patients.

With Accolade Consultants’ virtual scribes, you get what you pay for. And more. We help you save time, see more patients, complete all your charts for the day, help you practice more, and turn your practice into a profitable clinic. No matter where you are, we have a scribe waiting to turn your practice around and make it more reputable. Simply put, working with us allows you to become more of a doctor to your patients because we will help you do what your trained to do. That is the Accolade difference and promise you won’t find elsewhere.

When you work with Accolade Consultants for your scribing needs, you can rest easy knowing professionals are working with and for you. The transcriptions are made by experienced and registered nurses, physicians or medical professionals to ensure quality work. Because you get dedicated assistants assigned to your practice, collaboration becomes easier as they become familiar with your specific needs.

Generate clinical documents more efficiently by working with a virtual scribe from Accolade Consultants.
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