Expert Medical Virtual Assistants

A medical virtual assistant takes on repetitive but essential administrative tasks for your business. They help you schedule patient appointments, manage your business email and social media, bookkeeping tasks, and more. It’s important to outsource your virtual assistant from a respected firm, like Accolade Consultants.

Why You Need a Virtual Assistant

If your business is just starting, you’re likely understaffed—or running everything on your own. You may think you can do everything, from taking care of patients to handling their insurance claims.

However, this mindset can lead to burnout quickly. There are a lot of critical administrative tasks to take care of in a healthcare business. This is why large hospitals have dedicated administrative staff.

While you don’t really need a whole team of personnel to run your business, having a virtual assistant will make all the difference. Here are some of the tasks a VA can help you with:

Bookkeeping – Our VAs handle financial tasks for your business, from managing your practice’s budget to filing your tax returns.

Bookkeeping – Our VAs handle financial tasks for your business, from managing your practice’s budget to filing your tax returns.

Call handling – Most of the time, you’ll be busy working on a patient. Let a VA take all your calls and set appointments for you.

Event management – Whether you’re looking to give your employees a fun holiday getaway or run a medical drive for your community, a virtual assistant takes care of booking the venues, coordinating with catering services, and more.

Research – Need to know more about a patient’s background or an insurance company you’ve never heard of before? Let your virtual assistant make a dossier for you.

These tasks are menial but essential for your business. If you’re going to outsource your virtual assistant, make sure they’re from a trusted firm like Accolade Consultants.

Why Choose Accolade Consultants

Experienced Crew

You can expect our experienced and fully-trained team to handle any administrative task you throw at them. We've been providing virtual assistant outsourcing to healthcare businesses since 2013.

Modern, Web-based Platform

There’s no need for you to install and update special software to use our services. We use an advanced, web-based platform so that you can access it anytime, anywhere, and through any device with a browser.

Customized for Your Practice

We coordinate closely with you to create a solution that perfectly fits your business’s size, needs, and budget. Our virtual assistants will also learn all about your practice’s policies and protocols so they would know exactly what to do when you hand them their tasks.

Your Medical Outsourcing Partner

If you’re looking for a reliable virtual assistant for your healthcare business, Accolade Consultants is the firm for you. We’ve been providing medical outsourcing solutions to businesses since 2013.

Our founder, Dr. Stephen Broomes, is a seasoned hospitalist and expert witness who used his years of knowledge and experience in healthcare, insurance, and information technology to establish Accolade Consultants.

Dr. Broome leads a group of licensed and trained medical professionals from across the globe to provide high-quality medical outsourcing solutions to practices like yours.

We serve hospitals, medical and dental clinics, private practices, and more. Our services range from virtual assistants to specialized medical scribes.

Our virtual medical staff uses a proprietary web-based platform to connect with clients. There’s no need for you to install special applications or buy and set up server equipment. Our services are cost-efficient and easy to use for everyone involved.


Frequently Asked Questions

A virtual medical assistant is someone who remotely practices medical duties like verifying insurance, refilling prescriptions, entering data into electronic health records, scheduling patients, and more. They work with physicians and nurses remotely.

Virtual medical assistants handle a variety of administrative tasks for your practice, such as taking patient calls and scheduling appointments for you. VMAs also interview patients about their medical history.

They’re entrusted to do remote patient monitoring, which involves checking up on a patient’s condition regularly and reporting it to a physician. They also do other administrative tasks for a healthcare business, like marketing, email management, research, and others.

Yes. Accolade Consultants follows the strict rules of HIPAA. Apart from physical security measures, we employ administrative and technical methods to keep business and patient data protected from attackers.

Our workers have completed a HIPAA training course and have received certification for it as well. They know how to handle files and emails properly. Your electronic health records and other patient data are safe with us.

Our virtual assistants work remotely, which means that they don’t operate in our headquarters. Some of them may work from home, while others may report from coworking spaces.

They connect with you through our advanced web-based platform, which allows them to efficiently carry out all the tasks you give them any time, anywhere, and through any device.

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