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Thinking of expanding your clinic’s staff but worried about the labor cost? Want to add additional personnel to help your practice but you do not have enough office space? You have a staffing problem, and Accolade Consultants has the solution. As one of the premier virtual staff provider for medical practitioners in Douglasville, Georgia, we understand a physician’s needs. Our services here in Accolade Consultants are all constructed with medical practitioners in mind. We understand that as a medical practitioner, you want to focus more in giving the healthcare your patients deserve rather spend your time on non-clinical tasks. As a physician, you are not free from clerical tasks such as documentation, checking and sending prescriptions, and more. Allow our virtual assistant service be your saving grace.Healthcare providers know the mounting requirements for clinical documentation. Being able to deliver these documentations is critical to their reputation and bottom line. Many healthcare professionals, however, have a difficult time managing the medical and administrative tasks of their practice. This is where the professionals at Accolade Consultants come in. Our staff will provide you the secretary service you want based on what you need and your clinic’s goals.

Accolade Consultants is home to some of the best Virtual Documentation Assistants who are fully trained and equipped to handle the non-clinical tasks related to running your practice. Our virtual assistants use state-of-the-art HIPAA-compliant documentation services to deliver the most efficient method for physicians. Our services and tools allow you to provide high quality care with maximum efficiency. We will free you from your clerical tasks and administrative duties and transform your medical office operations into a well-functioning and profitable enterprise. With our HIPAA-compliant technology, you can rest easy that we will deliver quality work. By hiring one of our virtual executive assistants, you are saying goodbye to tons of paperwork, to prescriptions you forgot to send, to dealing with insurance companies, patient records you can’t seem to find or documents you haven’t signed.

Improving Clinic Operations and Management

Accolade Consultants’ Virtual Documentation Assistants are proficient in medical transcription. They receive hands-on training on your electronic health record applications to ensure they do the documentation work just the way you want it done. Our professionals will also assist you in identifying sources of education materials for ICD-10 transition, as well as web-based education on documentation.
The core competency and service of our team is in maintaining patient records and other data management systems.

We understand that a physician’s time is valuable. The time you spend on repetitive, non-critical tasks such as charting, checking and sending prescriptions, and documenting the review of lab results would be better spent checking in and concentrating on patients. By focusing more on your patients, you are making your satisfaction ratings go up. Satisfied patients mean there is a chance that they will come back or recommend you to other people which can mean more revenues for your company. Our services are cost efficient because you no longer have to send our staff to seminars because they are up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques in medical administrative work. You can also say goodbye to executive assistants getting sick or taking a leave because we make sure that you will always have someone to help you with your practice.

By freeing up your hands from these tasks, you’ll be able to see more patients and better concentrate on one patient at a time without the need to rush things. You’ll also get to improve the capabilities of your practice and bring in more revenue. This is where our services will prove invaluable. When you team up with Accolade, you’ll be assigned a licensed clinician to be your scribe for all the related documentation tasks. This is usually a registered nurse who has been trained to use the Accolade software platform. Our professionals are trained to meet your specific documentation needs, free up your time and improve your medical practice’s efficiency.

Our physician-approved processes ensure maximum productivity and accuracy. Working with our team means you will be alleviated with the tedious but required task of documenting each aspect of patient meetings, checkups and follow-up activities. Our professionals are registered medical professionals paired with you in real-time through our secure platform. Accolade Consultants will bring the change you need and want into your practice. We will not just give you anyone but we will match you with the right virtual executive assistant to meet your specific need. This is our commitment to you: provide you with a personalized staffing solution. Hiring an Accolade staff means having the best virtual assistant there is.

Engage patients without distraction by leaving the documentation and paperwork to our Virtual Documentation Assistants. Get in touch with us today and let Accolade Consultants lift your clinical workload.

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