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In any practice, physicians provide more than just medical care and attention. Many of these medical professionals are now taking on new and often non-traditional roles in various healthcare organizations, all while maintaining a clinical practice. With all these complexities, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and be ineffective. We are a trusted company for medical professionals in need of Physician Executive Assistants. Our trained and dedicated Executive Assistants for physician leaders will make your work a whole lot easier and more effective.Our team understands the complexities of your career and your industry, which is why we provide executive-level support specific to your needs. We make it a point to provide you with virtual health care professionals who can relate to the volume work and how to handle your needs in an efficient and valuable manner that is specific to you. When you team up with us as a physician executive, you will be working with either U.S.-licensed nurses or global physician partners that are ready to make you an efficient leader in your organization.

Our Physician Executive Assistants handle:

  • Coordinating and distributing schedule of clinic staff
  • Managing budgets and performing key business research related to the current health care market
  • Scribing directly into Electronic Health Records
  • Managing your professional and personal calendar; handling meeting arrangements and requests
  • Arranging meetings, setting agendas, preparing presentations and coordinating events
  • Conducting point of care research using relevant peer reviewed journal articles
  • Setting up outbound customer services calls for patient follow-ups, speaking engagements, etc
  • Handling travel arrangements for conventions, speaking engagements, etc.
  • Managing email communication and social media presence
  • Handling patient inquiries, coordinating with other professionals and maintaining professional memberships
  • Handling finance-related tasks, including billing, collection and payments, maintaining budgets, and more executive-level support functions.

Manage your time and tasks better by working with physician executive assistants from Accolade Consultants. We work to make your work easier and more effective.

As a physician, you are expected to do things that are expected from a physician. Listen to your patients, examine them, tell them what they need to do, in short, be the doctor to cure them. As a physician, though, like corporate jobs, you are not safe from paperwork. These non-clinical tasks should be delegated to other people. And this is where Accolade Consultants come in.

We have the best Physician Executive Assistants in Douglasville, Georgia. We are your virtual hospital physician partners ready to take on non-clinical tasks so you can practice your medical profession better than ever. During medical school, we understand that you spent many sleepless nights to perfect your profession. We at Accolade Consultants will help you go back to your foremost love: your patients. Accolade Consultants is the top health partners provider in Douglasville, Georgia because we understand the ins and outs of the medical profession.

We help in managing the whole clinic without the need to be physically present and take away precious space from your office. With our skillful physician executive assistants, you will never miss an appointment again, you will no longer have to worry about budgets, office space and meetings, or miss personal occasions such as birthdays because we will handle everything for you. We will turn your messy practice into squeaky clean so you can be a doctor to your patients.

At Accolade Consultants, we know that you have different needs and personal goals. This is why we will customize a business plan for you. We will not just pick out an assistant for you. We will match you with a physician executive assistant who will tirelessly work with you through all your non-clinical needs. Our experts will communicate with you through calls, video calls, chat, and email to help organize everything in your clinic.

Aside from being able to practice medicine more without having to worry about non-clinical tasks, our physician technology partners are trained to manage your practice with minimal supervision. They are also medical professionals who have a deep understanding of the profession. Our experts here at Accolade will also help physicians practice without getting burned out. They will make sure that you don’t overbook, mess your schedule, and make sure that you have time for yourself. Because at Accolade, we believe that a good doctor is a doctor who also values his or her health. Do what you are trained to do and leave the rest to Accolade Consultants. Talk to us now.

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