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Over the years, technology has changed how the medical industry operates, especially when it comes to telehealth services. Faster internet speeds and more accessible equipment made way for doctors to check up on patients even when they’re miles away. These advancements call for a highly-specialized staff.

This is where Accolade Consultants can help you.

We offer a variety of medical outsourcing solutions, including web design services. Here’s what you can expect from us.

  • Cost-efficient services – Our services are web-based, so you don’t have to worry about buying and installing server equipment.
  • Trained and licensed staff – Our virtual medical personnel consist of trained and licensed nurses and physicians. Expect no less than exceptional services from our team.
  • Fully-compliant technology – Your business and customer data are safe with us. We use HIPAA-compliant technology and methods.

What to Consider When Building a Medical Website

Around 90% of adults actively use the internet. Your patients are online, and your healthcare business should be, too. When it comes to building a medical website, there are a variety of factors you should consider. Here are some of them.

  • Mobile-friendly and responsive – Over 81% of people use smartphones to access the internet. A mobile-friendly and responsive website ensures that your site adapts to every screen size your patients use, from large TVs to small smartphones.
  • Site speed – Most customers leave when a site takes more than three seconds to load. Our team uses the latest server technology to make sure your customers are always greeted with a snappy and responsive website.
  • Versatile website platform – Good medical websites should have versatile features. These should allow customers to make appointments directly from the site and have a live-chatting feature for easy communication. We’ll add those features to your site.
  • Intake forms – These are essential when it comes to onboarding new patients from your website. Our team creates simple and easy-to-use forms to keep you always on top of your patient information.
  • Patient-connected services – In the digital age, connecting with patients online is the norm. We help you build a site with live chatting and integration with your social media accounts, so you’re always in the loop regarding your patents’ conditions.
  • High-resolution photo galleries – Digital photos are expected to have high resolution these days. Our web designers and developers ensure that your site images are high-quality with little to no negative effects on your website speed.

The Legal Requirements for Healthcare Websites

When it comes to publishing a medical website, there are strict standards that HIPAA requires. Here are some of them.

Data encryption – Encryption involves scrambling a piece of data while it’s in transit so that it’s impossible to understand for anyone who tries to intercept the transmission. Only the sender and receiver have the key to decrypt the file to make it readable. It is a must for the HIPAA.

Backups and audits – Every business needs to have backups of their company and customer data in case of litigation or a data breach. They also need to keep a close inventory of information to ensure that they don’t lose a single piece of important information.

Disaster recovery plan – More and more cyber attackers target small businesses, including medical clinics and private practices. You’ll never know when a hacker will strike and what new methods they’ll use to do so.

Access control – This involves restricting data access for those who have clearance to see it. It reduces the risk of critical information being compromised.

Even if your network is protected, you need to create a plan that you can use to recover your important data if your site gets hacked.

Why Choose Accolade Consultants

Years of experience

Our team has years of experience in providing outsourced medical services. Since we started in 2013, we’ve expanded our services to offer medical application and website development.

Licensed staff

Our staff knows precisely what your practice needs when it comes to administrative tasks. We make sure to hire licensed nurses and physicians for our medical executive assistant, medical scribe, and expert witness roles.

Cost-effective website platform

We use a web-based platform, so you don’t have to buy and set up your own servers. Plus, this setup also lets you access the platform anytime and from anywhere.

Medical Outsourcing You Can Rely On

Accolade Consultants has been providing medical outsourcing services for almost a decade now. Our company was founded by Dr. Stephen Broomes, a physician with decades of experience as a hospitalist and expert insurance witness. He used his wealth of knowledge from both fields to create Accolade Consultants in 2013.

Since then, we’ve helped practices expand their business quickly. We provided them with an expert staff that they don’t have to onboard or train, allowing them to take on more appointments without worrying about burnout. Our cost-effective services also expanded to medical application and website design and development.


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