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The advancement of technology has benefitted the healthcare industry substantially. Apart from advanced testing and monitoring methods, there have been leaps and bounds in telehealth as well. Now, connecting with patients online is the norm. If you want to gain patients through the internet, your website needs to be on the world’s biggest search engine: Google.

At Accolade Consultants, we provide professional medical search engine optimization services that get you to the top of Google’s search results. We have years of experience in the medical outsourcing industry, so we know exactly how your website should appear on search engines.

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What’s Included in Our Medical SEO Service

  • Keyword research – Our team uses the latest digital tools and performs extensive research to find the best keywords for your company and how to add them to your website content.
  • Website copywriting – Once we have the right keywords for your website, our copywriters insert those keywords in easy-to-read and attractive copy that puts your practice in the best light.
  • Blog writing – Blogs are one of the best ways to improve your website’s ranking. They provide content that attracts customers to your site.

Search engines like Google also rank websites that provide important and relevant information higher on their search results. We have skilled content writers and editors who can create blogs on various topics for different industries.

  • Web design and development – A responsive and mobile-friendly website ranks higher on search results than outdated sites. Our web design and development specialists ensure that your website is clean, functional, and easy-to-navigate on any device.

Why it’s Important to Invest in Medical SEO

  • Your patients are online – More than 90% of adults actively use the internet. If you want patients to find you online, you need to be in their search results.
  • First page always gets first dibs – People rarely go past the first page when browsing for products and services. SEO helps you get to the top of the first page results, so you’re the first practice your patients will consider calling.

Benefits of SEO for Doctors

Better online visibility – Your patients actively use the internet when looking for products and services. SEO ensures that you’re the first company they see when searching for the services you offer.

Cost-effective marketing – Digital marketing is more affordable than traditional methods like TV and radio advertisements. You earn more money by reaching out to more patients, but you also save money by using SEO and other digital methods.

Better monitoring – In traditional advertising, it can be difficult to tell if you’re getting returns for your invested money. When it comes to SEO, there are a variety of tools to monitor your efforts. You will see how many people click on your search results and even how long they stay on your website.

Measurable ROI – Speaking of return on investment, a proper medical SEO campaign guarantees results. Instead of providing patients with distracting and intrusive ads on TV or magazines, your website only appears when clients look for it. This way, you’re confident that most of your website visitors are potential patients.

Why Choose Accolade Consultants

Decades of Medical Experience

Our personnel have years of experience in both the medical and insurance industries. We know exactly what your practice needs when it comes to search engine optimization and administrative tasks.

Trained and Licensed Staff

You don’t have to go through a rigorous and expensive hiring and onboarding process when you work with us. We have a licensed and trained team of medical professionals and medical SEO experts ready to take on any task you give them.


Your crucial business and patient data are safe with us. We use the latest and best security practices to ensure that your network and website are protected from attacks and breaches.

Medical Outsourcing You Can Rely On

Accolade Consultants has been providing medical outsourcing solutions to businesses in the U.S. for almost a decade now. Our founder, Dr. Stephen Broomes, was a hospitalist and expert witness for insurance companies. He used his extensive experience in both fields to create Accolade Consultants in 2013.

Since then, we’ve helped many healthcare businesses expand quickly by providing fully-trained and licensed virtual assistants and scribes. Our cost-effective solution also comes with a web-based platform, which lets clients communicate with and keep track of our virtual assistants without installing new hardware or software.

We’ve also expanded to provide medical SEO services and website design solutions. Our team now includes skilled and experienced web designers and developers, SEO specialists, and content creators. They are ready to boost your online marketing efforts.

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