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In some court cases involving personal injury or medical malpractice, a professional medical opinion is needed to verify a claim. This is where medical expert witnesses are brought in by attorneys. Medical expert witnesses are doctors, surgeons, nurses, and other licensed professionals whose experience, knowledge, and skills qualify them to provide their opinion on a medical specialization. These witnesses can be utilized in the discovery and trial stages of a case.

Outsource your expert witnesses from an experienced firm like Accolade Consultants. Our team is composed of licensed physicians, nurses, and other practitioners that are ready to provide their expert opinions for your case. This roster of expert medical witnesses also spans a variety of specialties, so you’re sure to find the right one to testify for your case.

Responsibilities of a medical expert witness

Our medical expert witnesses are certified to provide their opinions about your case in a court of law. Here are some of the responsibilities they’re expected to fulfill as your witness.

  • Evaluate the documents of the case they’re going to testify about
  • Provide an independent medical opinion about the part of the case they’re asked to speak on
  • Generate an impartial report after studying all the facts provided to them about the case
  • Preserve confidentiality. They should not release any information about the case to outside parties.

Advantages of using a medical expert witness

Veteran lawyers use medical expert witnesses all the time. Their main advantage is that they provide weight to your claims as a plaintiff or defendant. Their opinions are born from years of accumulated knowledge and experience, so the judge and jury are bound to believe and respect what they say.

Our experienced expert witnesses also fully understand the litigation process and what’s required of them in court. They don’t waste time. They get to what you, and the rest of the court, needs to hear about the part of the case they’re qualified to speak about.

Why Choose Accolade Consultants

An experienced team

We’ve been providing medical expert witness solutions to healthcare businesses since 2013. Expect no less than trained and licensed medical professionals when you’re selecting an expert from our team.

Extensive outsourcing services

Our services don’t end with our medical expert witnesses. We also offer virtual assistants, medical executive assistants, medical scribes, and more. We’ve helped practices from a variety of specializations in streamlining their administrative tasks.

Cutting-edge web-based platform

Our web-based platform allows you to connect with our expert witnesses without the need for extra software or server equipment. You can easily access our portal anytime, anywhere, and from any device’s internet browser.

Tailored for your business

We collaborate closely with you to find and hire the right medical expert witness for your case. Apart from your firm’s needs, our team also considers your budget when selecting an expert.


An Expert Witness Firm You Can Trust

Apart from medical expert witnesses, Accolade Consultants also provides a variety of medical outsourcing solutions for clinics, private practices, and hospitals.

Our founder, Stephen Broome, established the company using his knowledge in medicine, insurance, and even information technology. We started in 2013, and we’ve helped countless physicians in getting their administrative duties straightened out. With clerical tasks out of the way, our partner doctors can focus on what they do best: saving lives.

We improve the cost-effectiveness of a healthcare business by reducing their hiring and equipment costs. Our web-based platform doesn’t require you to buy software or purchase server equipment. Plus, we’ve already vetted and trained our expert witnesses. All you need to do is brief them about your case and they’ll be speaking with authority and confidence during discovery and trial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We make sure that they’re not only physicians or other practitioners that are specialized in their field, we also ensure that they’re certified to provide their expert opinions in court.

Yes, especially if your expert witness is a physician. After all, most of the weight from their opinion comes from their credentials as a practitioner, not just their education or their current profession.

Definitely. They’re trained to provide their expert opinions every time they’re needed by our clients. If their specialization doesn’t line up with the case, however, they’ll surely recommend someone else to speak for you on your case.

First, lawyers look at the witness’ education, training, and work experience. The witness should be board certified to be seen as a professional in their chosen field. Attorneys also look for witnesses that are familiar with the medico-legal process to ensure that they create a good report. Some lawyers may also look for physicians that can move beyond jargon and speak in simple terms when discussing the subject to ensure that everyone can fully understand them.

It’s a possibility. Medical expert assistants are trained to be objective and independent, regardless of who hired them. If they think that your piece of evidence is not favorable to your case, it’s time to rethink your strategy. You should definitely believe in these witnesses, as they are experts in their chosen field.

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