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Medical technology continues to make leaps and bounds in recent years. Apart from the advancement of laboratory technology, smart healthcare is also on the rise. Smart healthcare involves the use of tech such as wearable devices, mobile internet, computers, and more to provide precise medical information to both healthcare providers and patients.

A simple, yet effective way to tap into the smart healthcare movement is to develop your own medical application. More than 80% of adults in the United States have a smartphone. Having an application that they can use to book doctor appointments, review medical records, and request prescriptions is sure to be a hit. Have your medical app developed by the experts at Accolade Consultants.

The Importance of a Healthcare App in the 21st Century

A proprietary medical application can immediately change the way your patients receive healthcare from your practice. It eliminates the annoyances of dealing with any business. They don’t have to call to book an appointment. There’s no need to wait for you to sign their prescription. They could even get a consultation from the comfort of their own home. Everything is streamlined and automated.

Accessible Application Design

If you want to build a successful application for your patients, you need to have user-friendliness and security at the top of your priorities. Our developers here at Accolade Consultants are experienced in making not only beautiful, but also easy-to-navigate applications. We put ourselves in a patient’s shoes to create apps that have comprehensive features without being overwhelming. After all, your patients will likely use your application when they’re feeling weak, sick, or in dire need of medical help.

Built with Security in Mind

We also build medical applications with HIPAA compliance in mind. Our development team ensures that your business data, as well as critical patient records, are kept safe and confidential. They’re trained and certified in HIPAA compliance. We take extra precautions by installing anti-virus software and firewalls for the servers that run your application. At Accolade Consultants, we take cybersecurity seriously and we’ll never risk exposing your patients’ health records to attackers.

Best practices in building a healthcare app

Building a healthcare application is a complex process. There’s the challenge of meeting the clients’ needs and preferences. Errors and bugs need to be addressed and fixed. Plus, the ever-present danger of attackers using exploits on the app should never be overlooked. Our developers adhere to the following best practices when creating your medical application.

  • Focus on user experience – Whether you’re a doctor or a patient, you want your application to just work. You have no time to focus on advanced settings or dozens of customizable options. We make sure that your application is simple to use, with clear and easy-to-read information that gets to the point.
  • Comprehensive monitoring – Healthcare apps are expected to have patient monitoring capabilities. Our designers and developers use beautiful charts and graphs so that your data can easily be understood by patients and your fellow medical professionals.
  • Secure and safe – Our application designers apply encryption and other security methods to keep patient data secure. We extensively test our apps as well to ensure that there are no known bugs or exploits that attackers could use to gain access to your data. As always, we use the HIPAA as a guideline for an application’s security.

Why Choose Accolade Consultants

Experienced experts

We’ve been outsourcing our medical solutions to practices like yours since 2013. As such, you can expect our application development team to create high-quality and secure applications for you and your patients to use.

A unique app for your business

We customize every service we outsource to our clients’ needs and budget. Our developers and designers are more than happy to brainstorm possible features your healthcare app could have, besides the basic telehealth, monitoring, and appointment setting.

Innovative web-based platform

We make it easy and cost-effective for you to coordinate with our medical application developers. Our web-based platform doesn’t need an app purchase or in-premise servers to run. You just need a device with a browser and your credentials, and you can get updated with your app’s development pipeline.

Complete medical outsourcing solutions

We outsource the administrative solutions you need to run your healthcare business smoothly. Apart from app developers, we also provide the services of our virtual assistants, medical scribes, and more.


Medical Outsourcing Solutions for Your Healthcare Business

Accolade Consultants was established by Dr. Stephen Broomes, an accomplished hospitalist and insurance professional. After years in the healthcare and insurance industry, he realized that he could use his extensive knowledge and experience in different fields to create a modern medical outsourcing company.

In 2013, Accolade Consultants was launched. Since then, we’ve been providing outsourced solutions such as virtual assistants, medical scribes, medical executive assistants, and medical application development to healthcare businesses across the United States.

Our clients trust us for our dedication to quality service, as evidenced by our team of licensed and fully-trained medical professionals. We also use a web-based platform that makes interaction with our assistants and clients a breeze.

When you work with us, there’s no need to hire or train new workers, our certified virtual assistants are ready to work on your administrative tasks. This also minimizes your spending when it comes to onboarding and training, making your business more cost-efficient.

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