Expert Witnessing Assistants
We at Accolade Consultants have a tight grasp of what physicians need, the kind of work they do, and the challenges they face in their practice. As a staffing solution provider, we recognize what you need to help you do your job better. Aside from knowing understanding the kind of services you need, we also know that you want your practice or your clinic to be profitable. Because being a physician is also a job that should pay the rent.

In hiring your staff, you not only want them to have knowledge in the medical field. You may want to hire people who are well-rounded and can function as a physician assistant expert. At Accolade Consultants, we bring you an opportunity not only to have someone who can be your medical virtual assistant and medical expert witness but can also help you market and grow the revenue of your practice whether you are located in Douglasville, Georgia or not.

Physicians are always looking for ways to use their experience and training to capitalize on revenue opportunities in related fields. One such opportunity is serving as a file review consultant for independent file review organizations and expert medical witness for attorneys. At Accolade Consultants, we have expert medical witnesses who are adequate and more than capable of providing medical opinions. The medical witnesses we employ have undergone training and seminars conducted by legal nurse consultants. Unlike other physician assistants, ours can assist in matters of the legal court regarding physician assistant malpractice committed in different parts of the country.
We don’t just hire anyone here in Accolade Consultants and most importantly, we will not just give you someone although we are confident about the quality of work our staff can deliver. We will study your practice, learn what you like and don’t like, understand your goals and then give you an expert witnessing assistant who have knowledge in medicine and law and can work to meet your expectations. The most common challenge, however, is the time constraints related to organizing and marketing these practices at a cost that is not prohibitive. Accolade Consultants has a team of professionals who can help physicians grow their practice. Accolade offers physicians a medical virtual assistant that is skilled at providing expert witnesses the support that allows them to focus on networking and growth rather than clerical and organizational tasks. Our professional nurse reviewers are experienced in reviewing and summarizing legal and non-legal files for physicians. Our service platform involves pairing a U.S.-licensed nurse or a global physician partner with expert witnesses. The expert witness then uses our trained staff to market their practice, summarize medical records properly, organize files, provide assistance in scheduling and coordination with lawyers, and serve as a general customer service agent. This collaborative model results in improved efficiency, visibility, and reputation.

By choosing physician assistants from Accolade Consultants, you are getting someone who can be an expert witness and who can contribute to the growth of your medical practice. Ours are not just trained to “wait tables” for you but are competent in dealing with various medical and legal matters, marketing, and PR. As skilled customer service agents, our staff can help build a positive reputation for your clinic, thus increasing your revenue. We also take away the burden of documentation from you so you can focus more on being a doctor. We understand that building and growing your practice is as important as your patients. Call us or visit us in Douglasville, Georgia and talk to us about our expert witnessing assistant.

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