Virtual Medical Executive Assistant


An expert medical executive assistant is indispensable in every healthcare practice. They don’t just schedule appointments; they also take on non-traditional assistant roles like processing insurance payments, handling lab results, interviewing patients for case histories, and others.

If you’re going to outsource your assistant, make sure it’s from a reputable firm like Accolade Consultants. Our medical executive assistant team consists of licensed and fully trained nurses ready to take on your traditional and non-traditional administrative tasks.

Professional Medical Executive Assistants at Your Service

Medical executive assistants perform a variety of important duties for your practice. They need to have the initiative to solve administrative problems before these issues emerge.

Assistants should also have project management and event planning skills to ensure that all your appointments, meetings, and other events go smoothly.

Finally, they should also have proficiency in many administrative and marketing applications like word processing, spreadsheets, and even website builders like WordPress.

Expect Accolade Consultants to provide assistants who have all those qualities and more. Our licensed medical executive assistants are trained to handle the following:

Coordinate your clinical and administrative staff’s schedules

Manage your patient appointments and professional calendar

Arrange meetings and create relevant presentations for them

Plan and implement company events

Handle email and other forms of online communication

Take care of financial takes like billing, managing company budget, and other bookkeeping activities

What’s great is that you don’t need to hire and train our virtual executive assistants for the job. We’ve already provided the necessary vetting and training. Once they know all about your company’s policies and their other nuances, they’ll be ready to take on any administrative task you give them.

Why Choose Accolade Consultants

A Wealth of Experience

You work with experienced executive assistants, medical assistants, and scribes. Our founder, Dr. Stephen Broomes, also has an extensive repertoire as a hospitalist and expert witness for various healthcare institutions.

Web-based Solutions

You coordinate with our personnel through an easy-to-use web-based platform. You can gain access to our system using a browser on any device, anytime and anywhere. Plus, you don’t have to install or update any software to do so.

Customized for Your Business

We work closely with you to provide fully customized solutions for your business’ needs and budget. Because we use a web-based platform, we can scale and upgrade our services as your practice expands.

Licensed Experts

We make sure that our medical executive assistants, scribes, and other personnel are licensed for the industries they serve. Expect no less than professional services from us.


Medical Outsourcing Services You Can Count On

Operating a healthcare practice can get hectic. You go from appointment to appointment the whole day. In between interacting with patients, you also have to deal with repetitive administrative work, like answering emails, setting up appointments, and promoting your practice.

If you want to focus on treating patients, leave your administrative work to Accolade Consultants’ medical executive assistants. We offer various medical outsourcing services to medical and dental offices, private practices, and hospitals.

Our company was founded by Dr. Stephen Broomes, an internal medicine professional and expert witness who used his experience to create a premier medical outsourcing solution for businesses throughout the country.

We free up your workload through:

  • Expert virtual personnel – We have fully-trained and licensed medical experts ready to take on any administrative task you require.
  • Web-based system – We use a web-based platform, making it easy for you to get in touch with your virtual medical assistants anytime, anywhere, and from any device.

Frequently Asked Questions

We strictly enforce every protocol that HIPAA provides, like robust record-keeping and cybersecurity. And to ensure that our medical assistants are sticking to the regulator’s strict rules, they undergo HIPAA training and certification from a third-party company.

We only hire licensed nurses for our medical executive assistants. We train them further to ensure they meet your business’s standards. Our personnel have completed a nursing course in college, have passed the necessary licensure exams they’re required to take, and have extensive experience in the field.

Each of our medical executive assistants has their way of productively managing their tasks. You may monitor the progress of each task using our web platform.

We also make sure to coordinate a schedule with you to ensure that our assistants get everything done the way you want and when you want.

As mentioned earlier, we adhere to the strict standards of HIPAA. Its general rules require us to have administrative safeguards, such as information access controls and workforce training, technical safeguards like antiviruses and firewalls, and physical safeguards like limiting access to information sources and servers. We follow every rule to the letter.

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