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Dr. Shaw (Pharm-D) is a Board-Certified Doctor of Pharmacy with a specialization in numerous disease states. He has a specialization certification in Nuclear Medication. Dr. Shaw is also a Reviewing Medical Officer/Independent Practitioner for The Department of Labor/Federal Occupational Health nationally as well as state specific. Dr. Shaw has also been a Reviewing Adjudication Officer for Healthcare for the State of Georgia for CMS/Medicaid through the Dept of Health.

Dr. Shaw has been in practice as clinical/compound/adjudication pharmacist since 1999 in many diverse settings including hospital, hospital transitional care, community clinic, critical care, compounding, and retail. In addition Dr. Shaw has served in a variety of leadership roles which has contributed to his experience as an expert witness. In particular Dr. Shaw has extensive experience reviewing cases related to diagnostic errors, pre and post-operative management, hospital in-patient treatment, hospital out-patient treatment, CMS-MEDICARE/MEDICAID Healthcare PBM insurance reimbursement/denial as well as other extensive cases.

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Board Certification

  • Board of Pharmacy Florida 1999
  • Board of Pharmacy Georgia 1999

Training & Experience

  • Pharmacy School : Florida A&M College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Residency : The Ohio State College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and University Medical Center Department of Pharmacy
  • Years in Practice : 21
  • Expert Witnessing Years of Experience : 2
  • Number of Trials : 2

Particular Areas of Focus

Dr. Shaw has testified on a broad range of issues but has the most experience testifying in matters related to:

  • Reviewed testimony and pharmacy documents for pharmacy medical malpractice cases.
  • Explored board of pharmacy regulations and local and federal regulations as they relate to pharmacy standards of care for patient outcomes.
  • Provided expert testimony to the court between physician and pharmacist clinical standards of care based on drug utilization reviews.

Additional Areas of Focus

In addition to the areas listed above, Dr. Shaw has extensive experience related to the following medicolegal issues:

  • Examined and interpreted Medicare, Medicare Plan D and Medicaid Pharmacy Insurance Claims for State of Georgia.
  • Researched and reviewed submitted claims utilizing federal and state regulations and standards of practice including, but not limited to, drug utilization review, clinical relevance based on disease state, cost of products, double billing and fraudulent practices.
  • Researched board of pharmacy regulations as well as local and federal regulations as they relate to pharmacy standards of care.
  • Developed written assessments and recommendations for each individual claim based on clients set criteria of standard of care.
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