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Decide on the full scope of the project before starting.



How many pages and what features are required?

Who is the audience?

What are the age ranges and interests of potential site visitors?

How will they use the Web site?

What are the key reasons users may have for visiting the site?

What should visitors of the site come away with?

Purpose of this project:

What is the goal of this project?

Why is the site needed?

Target Market:

Who are you trying to reach with this design project or campaign?


Set a deadline and allow plenty of time (weeks or months) for the design work to be done.

High Quality Images:

For logos, a vector format (.eps or .ai) is required. For photographs, a high resolution (300dpi - dots per inch) is ideal.



Text, images, video, infographics and any other content should be provided in its final form early in the life of the design project.

Copyright information for content:

Who owns the content, what permission has been obtained to use it, and will attribution be required?


What content will be needed for the site?

List the sections and features that will be included.

What already exists and what needs to be developed?


What should the site communicate?

What are the primary objectives and goals (long term and short term) for the site?

Logo Design:

What is the name of the company?

What type of logo style do you want?

Do you have reference design for the logo you want? If so please include the web address.

Any color scheme you want to use?

Do you have any taglines to put in the logo?

Do you want the website address to be included in the logo?

Website Design:

How many styles do you want for the website?

Do you have any reference for the designs you like? If so please include the web address.

What is the company all about?

How many pages does your site need including the homepage?

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